Paul Giannini is a highly respected attorney who deals with HOA’s. His insight is great on this subject! Enjoy!

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As an experienced real estate law firm of many years, Paul Giannini Esquire has prosecuted and defended cases against homeowners associations and their presidents. His focus is on the clients’ personal objectives, and recognizes the abuses possible by HOAs and their Boards.

For example:
These are some issues that may occur on boundaries and encroachment issues.
1. An HOA has encroached over the boundaries of an easement granted on an individual property without permission.
2. The individual homeowner is paying mortgage and property taxes on that property even though it is a separate parcel, under ownership.
3. The HOA is still billing for monthly dues.
4. The HOA fails to provide continuous/reasonable and safe access as required by CA Law to the homes by failure to provide properly snowplowed and de-iced roads during winter on easement.

The easement is for the community water system, which benefits everyone in the HOA…

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