Lots of Los Angeles Real Estate Agents want to be stars as big as the celebrities they cater to. Me? I just want to help people find the homes that make them happy and help them to create a sanctuary for future dreams and lasting memories.

I specialize in buying and selling Real Estate and serve Los Angeles, areas. I’m a genuine people-person with an eye for detail, contagious enthusiasm, and a compassionate heart that serves clients with the highest level of customized customer service. I pride myself on my patience and knowledge for first time homebuyers in addition to my professionalism and expertise for Short Sales, HUD Homes, and Distressed Homeowner transactions. When appropriate, I have impeccable discretion and personalized services for individuals interested in luxury properties and high-end Real Estate.

I’m a well-educated agent and teach classes for both Short Sale transaction preparation and First Time Homebuyers. I pride myself on continuing to grow personally as the Real Estate Market evolves over time. I’m a proud wife and mother who fled Kentucky to serve a greater purpose, supporting YOU to buy or sell YOUR home, with only the highest level of service, support, and personal investment you will find.

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